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“……A Green Resource Group consultant facilitated a process by which we transformed from  two separate groups, each skeptical of the other, into a collaborating, cohesive team with a shared focus on adding value to the organization. We grew as individuals and became more highly functioning as a team. Cheryl’s approach allowed us to identify the real issues and concerns that impacted team effectiveness and discuss them in a constructive, positive manner. Her interactions, both on an individual and a group level, were appropriately challenging and supportive.”
Chief HR Officer, Energy Company

“Thanks for putting together another great session on Friday. In addition to being a lot of fun, it gave me insight into how I operate and I believe will help me better understand how I see and interact with the world. I also appreciate the differences in my colleagues that much more”
SVP & General Counsel, Private Equity Firm

“Green Resource Group’s pre-offsite discussions with the members of the Management Team set the stage for us to very quickly get at the root issues. Your demeanor during the day created an open and honest atmosphere and allowed the participants to feel comfortable sharing their concerns.”

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